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PostPosted: Fri, Oct 18, 10:48 am EDT    Post subject: Re: Read Reply with quote

Reader-0292 wrote:
anon-572n wrote:
Reader-6s59 wrote:
Read a list of improprieties coming out about the library. Malfeasance, nepotism and more. Ask your TC for a copy.

A copy of what? What exactly are you saying?

Ask TC for full list-
Director Mullen violates fire code with edict that Library display case plastic interior light stay on all night to act as a ‘night light’.

Library employees process Library Foundation donation monies, municipal workers working for a private non profit.

Patron complaint of staff political conversations disappeared and not logged in to Board Minutes.

Petty cash discrepancies found by office administrator and Director not reported to Board Treasurer.

Library employees stockpile* PTO hours in excess of maximum number defined in Employee Handbook.

Full time Librarians are “forgetful” in recording PTO used on weekly schedule.

Director Mullen signs blank time sheets in advance of her absences from office on payroll week.

Board Trustee Ira Negin acts and votes on personnel issues which directly benefit his wife J. Negin who is a library employee.

Candidate Spann access and posts to Library Instagram social media site.

Library staff first to check out new materials increasing wait time for Patrons to have new materials.

Where is all the above recorded other than in this post? I would be curious to read it if it's a public record. If it's only here, who knows -- 90% of what is posted on this site is false, on every side of the political spectrum. But if it's real, what document do we ask to see?
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PostPosted: Mon, Oct 28, 2:43 pm EDT    Post subject: Re: Read Reply with quote

TC rep to Library Board is Mr. Mulligan. I would start with him.
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PostPosted: Mon, Oct 28, 11:35 pm EDT    Post subject: Re: Read Reply with quote

Mr.Mulligan could care less, he is a Lame Duck and certainly portrays a disinterested Township Committee member at the meetings--------
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PostPosted: Wed, Nov 6, 1:06 pm EST    Post subject: Re: Read Reply with quote

Over the past year the Library saw the departure of 3 assertive Board of Trustee members and 3 talented staff members (Mrs Murphy NOT included in that number as she was dormant).

Now a 'Whistleblower' and a new Conflict of Interest policy at the Library?

Yes, Hamlet something is indeed rotten.
When will TC properly manage that Board and its under performing Library Director??

From Cranbury Public Library website:
MEETING NOTICE – SPECIAL MEETING Nov 07, 2019 - 7:00 p.m.
Cranbury Public Library
A. New Jersey Library Construction Bond Act
B. Review of “Whistleblower Statement” and Report
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PostPosted: Wed, Nov 6, 11:51 pm EST    Post subject: Re: Read Reply with quote

Our library is a joke. Maybe we should just shut it down, join the county system and save the money.
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