The January 28, 2019 Township Committee meeting agenda
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PostPosted: Sat, Jan 26, 11:07 am EST    Post subject: The January 28, 2019 Township Committee meeting agenda Reply with quote

The January 28, 2019 Township Committee meeting agenda has been posted.
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PostPosted: Tue, Jan 29, 7:26 am EST    Post subject: Re: The January 28, 2019 Township Committee meeting agenda Reply with quote

Attended the meeting last night. I came away impressed it was tight, a lot of information and over by 8:30. Probably one of the most efficient meetings I have attended at the township level as it went from point to point quickly with all members focused.

They discussed traffic safety plans. There will be an occasional meeting with residents similar to coffee with the Mayor where residents can come in and voice their view to the traffic subcommittee of Mike and Matt. They are buying new speed signs and looking at the crosswalk by Evans.

The resident communication subcommittee looks to have some great ideas. Mike and Glenn made a statement a brief mailed newsletter being done, increased presence on Facebook, and using twitter.

Jay challenged Trenton a number of times last night and there was no love lost between him and the politicians pushing things down to us or taking away our rights as a town.

He mentioned that our clerk in January spent half a week doing nothing else but OPRA requests for private companies and had several hundred to do last year. Companies abuse the OPRA law and ask for information they then sell. We can’t be compensated because it is done electronically and Trenton neither wants to stop this or allow us to charge for electronic documents. So our tax dollars are being wasted.

Then a resident commented about an issue with 911 services
from a cell phone not working properly and Jay discussed how Trenton is stealing our 911 taxes from our cell phone bill each month and not using the funds the way they are intended.

Mike mentioned a law that is considered in Trenton allowing any utility company to cut trees near their wires including full removal whether on private or public property. Jay again mentioned yet another means of Trenton removing our authority. In theory all trees on Main Street could be removed without our consent. So a letter from the TC is being sent opposing this legislation.

Cranbury station came out to complain about the warehouse that is proposed near them and trucks idling. They were told a master plan meeting is to be held to get the fees and the exam will take place this year.

There is also a walk to school day with the Mayor being planned for the spring.
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